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Primary Stars Coaching Service

The Primary Stars Team has a vast amount of experience across a range of sports and activities, including Dance and Gymnastics. The skill-set and knowledge of our fantastic team allows us to provide an expansive coaching service with expertise ranging from specialist sports coaches to qualified primary and secondary PE teachers. Collectively, and individually, our team has an extensive background in the delivery of primary PE and sport; detailed in our individual team profiles.

Our coaching packages (see below) are flexible, excellent value, and will be tailored to your needs. For more information about our coaching services and packages, or to enquire, please contact us on 

Girls Soccer Team


Our coaching packages have been designed to offer a range of options that meet a variety of needs with regards to the provision of physical education, sport and physical activity in primary schools. There won't be a 'one size fits all' approach, so get in contact so we can design your package to fit your needs.



Our packages will be delivered  half-term blocks. Therefore, our packages generally work in blocks of 6 or 7 weeks of lessons, however, prices will vary depending on block length (minimum 5 week block).

We offer discounted rates to schools who commit to Whole Year bookings which are 6 Half Terms of delivery.

We also offer Non-Year bookings which can be 1 to 5 half terms of delivery.

Single Session Bookings can be made if required, for example, one-off or last minute sessions.



Our 'Extra-Curricular' sessions will deliver the sport or activity you require. We can work with you to devise an extra-curricular programme tailored to your school needs.

Our packages include:

After School Clubs

Lunchtime Clubs

Before School Clubs

Packages will be booked in half-term blocks; prices will depend on the requested session duration and length of the block.

All of the above can be combined with the PE coaching sessions.


We can organise Mini Sporting Events for groups of schools. We already run events throughout the academic year from small cluster of schools, and these clusters are growing. 

At the moment, our events include: Cross Country, Football, Tag Rugby, Netball, Athletics, Rounders and Cricket.

We provide events for EYFS, KS1 and KS2.

The package we provide is tailored to the group of schools we are working with.

Get in contact with our Events Coordinator- Laura Jones at for more information, or to discuss ways to set up your own cluster, or join an already established group of schools.


We can sort through your PE equipment, produce a list of what you have and a 'Wishlist' of what we'd recommend you could add to your PE stores.